Looking for Your Birthmother?

About Us

The Short Story

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
Reunited adoptee for 14 years
Search Specialist/Intermediary for 12 years

My name is Laura Long and I am a reunited adoptee. I was born in Kansas City and adopted by a wonderful family in central Missouri. Growing up I had two older brothers and one younger sister. They were not adopted. We each had our trait that made us special in the family and being adopted was one of mine. On both sides of my family I had LOTS of aunts, uncles and cousins. Several of my cousins on both sides were also adopted. So being adopted was nothing different. It is what made us special and extra loved. We were all taught that our birth parents loved us so much that they gave us a chance to have a Mom and a Dad and a family to love us.

This idea of giving to others was big in my family and led me to the field of social work. Several years working in the mental health field provided me with a better understanding of the many perspectives people come from. My degree in Social Work provides me with the skills to mix empathy with mediation and hopefully speak for those who are unable to speak up for themselves.

Almost 15 years ago I was able to reunite with my birth mother and her family. It has been a wonderful and learning experience. This led me to the desire to help others achieve what I had been able to achieve, which is to learn the answers to the life long questions most adoptees have. “I have a name but what was my name before?” “Where did I come from?” “Is anyone out there wondering about me?” Many adoptees want to know the “rest of the story.”

With Missouri law requiring a process to find that information out, I wanted to be able to help adoptees navigate the system with a competent and compassionate intermediary. At the same time, I realized the need to temper an adoptee’s desire to “know” with the birthparents unique situation and need for understanding. My background and skills enable me to provide a search quality service while providing compassion and understanding to all parties. Also, many national search agencies will promise big results, gladly take your money while knowing that they will not have the information needed to do a search. They do not have access to the Court files and Courts will not give it to them. My goal in every search is to provide a service following Missouri statute at a reasonable price.

While I cannot guarantee a positive outcome and reunion, I can promise a quality service and compassionate Searcher.