Looking for Your Birthmother?

Finding My Birth Parents FAQ's

I am a Missouri born adoptee. Can I request information about my birth parents and possibly know their names?

  • Yes, in Missouri, an adoptee over the age of 18 can request non-identifying and/or identifying information from their court adoption file. The Court is allowed to release the non-identifying information to you following your request. The consent of your birth parents or proof of their death is required before the identifying information can be released to you..

How is the consent of the birth parents obtained?

  • Obtaining the consent of your birth parents will involve a full search. A court authorized searcher or confidential intermediary is utilized to locate and contact the birth parent to let them know of your request for information and to obtain their permission.

Will my adoptive parents have to know or give their permission?

  • No adoptive parent consent is required and they are not notified of your request.

How do we get the process started?

  • For non-identifying information only: Contact the county court or agency that took care of your adoption to request the non-id information from your file. Ask if they have a specific procedure for requesting information. Many will require you to send a request in writing. In the letter that you send to them, include your name, date of birth, your adoptive parent’s names and your contact information now including phone number and/or email address. Some agencies and courts have begun to charge for this service due to the staff time involved in locating and copying the records.

  • If you were adopted through the Catholic Charities office in Kansas City, MO and only want the non-id information from your file, complete the Non-Id Only Search Agreement form.

  • For a full search: complete a Full Search Agreement Form and let us take it from there.

What if I was born in Kansas or my adoption was handled in Kansas?

  • If you were born in Kansas, you can request a copy of your original birth certificate from Kansas Vital Records. The link is on the Kansas Links page.
  • If your adoption was handled by a Kansas Court, you can request a copy of your adoption file from the State. The link is on the Kansas Links page.
  • We would still be happy to help with your search once you have received the information from Kansas.

How long does the process take?

  • Our goal in every search is 3 months from start to finish.