My name is Laura Long and I am a reunited adoptee. My search journey began over 25 years ago and have experienced a wonderful reunion with my birth family.

Not every search is successful. Some information does not lead to an actual person or family. Either due to the information in the file being in error, an alias was used, or the folks in question simply seem to vanish without a trace, we often do not find a trail to the birthparent’s current identity or whereabouts.

Some searches are successful in locating the birth parent or family but they are not able or willing to make a personal connection with the adoptee or their descendants. These occurrances are very disappointing, of course.

My background in Social Work help me to work with all sides in a supportive and empathetic manner to try to work out a resolution agreeable to both sides. There are no guarantees in any search but we give everyone the compassion and respect of their decision.

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