Information Fact Sheet

Keep a record of the information you find in one place. The information fact sheet outlines the usual information helpful in your search. As you find the pieces of information about your birth parents, record them here. Click Here to Download the form for free.

Interested in a Search Roadmap?

The Search Roadmap is still under construction. Contact us for more information while the construction crew does their thing.

If you wish more indepth help in a step by step format, sign up for the online self directed search roadmap to help you complete the Information Fact Sheet. The roadmap provides a proven strategy as well as tips for the most popular information databases online. Also included is an additional listing of web sites and strategies for research information gathering. Once you have completed as much of the Information Fact Sheet on your birth family as you can, the next step may be to make contact with them.

The Next Step – the actual contact attempts

When you have found the person you believe to be your birth family, there are templates of introductory letters to personalize as you wish. Strategies and suggestions for the approach based on the age of the family member, relationship to the birth parent, and how certain you are it is the correct match.

Looking for one on one direct support?

You have spent hours researching and have hit nothing but brick walls. You can give up or you may be ready for more professional assistance. While some cases may not be solved due to the lack or erroneous information left behind at the time of the adoption, it is reassuring to try every last option available. We use our experience in detective work and knowledge of databases to give another set of eyes on the information you have gathered so far. Contact us for more information.