Original Birth Certificate in Missouri

Information and request form for a Missouri adoptee OBC by the adoptee or their lineal descendent.

Jackson County Court Request form

Information and request form for an adoptee or their descendent whose adoption was finalized in the Jackson County Missouri Court.

Full Search Agreement Form- Missouri CourtAdoptee

Request form for a full court approved search by an adoptee.

Full Search Agreement Request Form-Lineal Descendant

Request form for a full court approved search by a lineal descendant of an adoptee.

What information can I get?

Where do I get it from?

Missouri has a unique set of laws regarding the release of information regarding your adoption.

There are two or more locations that may hold information regarding your adoption or the adoption of your deceased relative. An Original Birth Certificate (OBC) would have been created at the time of birth. This document holds the names of the baby and the birth mother. Additional information about the birth mother on the OBC may include her age, her state of birth and her address at the time of the adoptee’s birth. There is a chance the birth mother used an alias on the OBC which will then have you looking for a person who doesn’t exist. There is no way to know if the name was an alias or not based on the OBC.

The OBC may or may not have the name of the birth father listed.

The request for an OBC for all adoptee’s born in Missouri are made directly to Missouri Vital Records. The adoptee or their lineal descendent (if the adoptee is deceased) may request an OBC. Missouri Vital Records Information for Adoptee’s

The Missouri County Court that finalized the adoption should have a file containing information about the adoption. In many cases, a social history was obtained from the birth mother at the time of the adoption. This information may contain additional information regarding the birth mother’s family, her education, occupation, how she knew the birth father, etc. It may also have information about the birth father. Some cases do not have any additional information about the birth mother other than her signature.

In Missouri, the Court is allowed to release to you a copy of the social history information contained in the file with the identifying information removed. They are allowed to release identifying information to you only when certain conditions have been met. These conditions include having the birth parent’s written permission or proof of their death. The birth parent’s rarely placed written permission in the file and the Court’s do not have updated contact information for the birth parent.

In the event of a request for identifying information from an adoptee, the Court’s can provide a copy of the non-id from the file, if any exists, and can provide information on their search process for obtaining the information needed to allow the release of identifying information. The Court will either conduct the search themselves or authorize their court approved searcher to conduct the search.

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